Monday, 26 July 2010

Day Twenty-One: thinking it through

With most of the digging done in Trench 1, any visitor to the site today would have seen people often standing around chatting. Whilst it is true we're a very sociable bunch, this isn't just idle chit chat. With most of the walls, surfaces and other features now on view, the long process of figuring out what it all means is starting in earnest.

The empty bucket takes centre stage

Hugh, Suzanna, Sandy and Andy discuss the features

With the end in site it's pretty safe to say most people are looking forward to a well deserved rest, as it's been a really impressive effort by all.

Ian and Rachel enjoying a banana break! No jokes about monkeys and zoos.

There's still quite a lot we don't understand, particularly how some of the features relate to each other. This is quite common on excavations, and it's often only long after the dig is finished, plans have been finalised and the finds accurately dated that we can piece everything back together.

Emma figuring out what's happening to one of the walls

Not everyone has been standing around today. Despite the challenging conditions, Alex has completed the final overall plan of the walls, leaving just the first phase surfaces and the elevations to draw. To save his sight (and the remains of his sanity) these tasks will be shared by everyone.

X marks the spot

However, in best archaeological tradition, there's still quite a bit of digging still to be done through some of the surfaces, and we still have to look properly at the drain. Erm and there is still Trench 2 to finish off, so expect a flurry of last minute activity...

Brendan demonstrating his 'flick'

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