Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day Twenty-Two: Where there's a Willmott there's a way!

Today, our eminent leader got down to the nitty gritty in Trench One to do some offset planning as the team pull together for the final push towards the end of the excavation.

We also revisited Trench Two today. Sandy, Robin, Jordan and T-Mac returned to the trench but as of yet haven't found anything wildly exciting since the robbed out linear feature found last week. Hopefully there will be more to report tomorrow, lest we discover that trench two is a "HOLE lot of nothing" (Ritchie, 2010).

Sandy surveying her keen workers.

Gareth's team concentrated on taking down the area in the centre of Trench One in an attempt to find another surface. Emma and Lesley were also kept busy working on a new slot in Trench One to try and decipher one of the more confusing walls in the Trench.

Team Gazbo hard at work.

Brendon and Andy just scraping the surface.
The find of the day came from Ann, the newest member of Gareth's team. As the day rolled on, it seemed a bit of a gamble as to whether or not we would find any desperately interesting artefacts. Then Ann found a wonderfully preserved Medieval playing die made from animal bone.Gambling with dice was very popular throughout England during the 1500's through all ranks in society, including Royalty and even the clergy. In fact, it is even believed that King Henry VIII lost the bells of St. Pauls Church on an unlucky throw. Pictures of the die to come!

Ann with her eyes peeled for more exciting finds in Trench One.
There was also a touch of media induced glamour in today's proceedings when visitors from "We are Barnsley" came to interview Boss Man Hugh about the excavation. "When and where can we watch this video?!" I hear you cry, well fret not, as soon as the video is available on the internet there will be a handy link for you right here on your favourite Blog.
Moving on, after Alex's absolutely admirable efforts towards drawing plans of Trench One over the last few days, he gives his eyes and nerves a well deserved rest and lets out some of that frustration with a mini mattock in Trench One.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot!

That is it for now, check back for tomorrow as for more updates on the teams frantic efforts as the excavation comes to an end.

Find of the Day: Playing Die.

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